Monday, May 7, 2012

Accelerated Reader Tool

Check out to find books based on qualitative and quantitative readability on various books. You can also search to find the perfect book for you. This is a free tool for teachers, students, and parents. Check it out! Another great tool is at under the tools section. There is an ATOS analyzer that is helpfully as we shift to Common Core. Great tools are out there! Also...check out and click on the training center to download free guides to help you get results using vocabulary quizzes and other resources. I'm at a Common Core conference and that's where I'm picking up these resources. I just learned (or was reminded that) when we read to kids (and we need to not skip this) we should be reading two grade levels above. When we are reading with students we should look at the text complexity band coupled with the appropriateness rating. Good stuff!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Have you checked out this website? It has videos about the CommonCore done by the writers of the Common Core. The videos are very well done. Also check out as there are great resources there that we are invited to steal! Happy Friday!