Friday, August 31, 2012

Does Math Frighten You?

Here's an interesting article I read from the Wall Street Journal about parents helping students with Math when they may not feel 100% confident themselves.  I found it interesting how from an early age parents begin to shape a child's perception of Math...

This article also makes me think of the book "Mindset:  The New Psychology of Success" by Carol Dweck.  If you haven't read it--it may be worth reading as it challenges us to think of how we shape our children's (or student's) perceptions when challenges are faced.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

eLearning Book Club

I just noticed this post in my blog reader today--and I think I'm going to join.  You may want to check it out!

Online Tools

I admit, I'm always drawn like a moth to a flame to new tech tools, websites, and gadgets.  Here's an interesting article I read this week about some new tools out there, specifically that relate to helping students. I just started dabbling in Wikispaces in my imaginary free time--there's just so much to see and learn!  For those of you who like to explore as I do--check out this article!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

It's a New Day!

Welcome to my new blog!  I've chosen to tweak the blog that I had already been using as I'd added lots of great resources--and they are still valuable!

The big blog change is that I am now writing as the Superintendent of Porter Township Schools.  I will use this blog to highlight great things happening in our schools, share resources with teachers, provide resources for parents, and also to provide news about the Porter Township Schools.

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