Thursday, February 28, 2013

How Many Plates are you Spinning?

How many plates do you have spinning in the air right now?  Do you feel like this?

Just watching the video makes me feel stressed out!

As a first year Superintendent, I often feel like this is what it looks like in my office (or maybe in my head!) at any given moment.  There are many things to balance, juggle, and try to keep moving in the right direction.  On top of that--in this information age--it's challenging to keep up with the speed at which things like technology are developing, identify trends, and make great decisions based on what you know that minute.

As our district is looking at moving to 1:1, we know it's not about the device, it's about how these tools will change the way instruction is delivered and positively impact student achievement and engagement.  It's exciting to think of harnessing even that small amount of energy and propelling ourselves forward.  I'm ready--are you?

And...perhaps there is an app to help me keep those plates spinning!

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