Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Learning Management Systems

Has your district explored use of Learning Management Systems?  There are quite a few out there for differing price  points.  We are exploring what will be best as we look at implementing 1:1 at our high school.

I’ve been to quite a few 1:1 seminars lately and I have a lot of great information to share.  As you know, it’s not really about the device—it’s about how going 1:1 will change instruction and student learning (although it sure is fun to look at devices!).  It has been interesting to see what others around the state of Indiana are adopting (both device and Learning Management System or LMS).  It’s also interesting to see how districts are funding their initiatives.  In just a few short years I would imagine everyone will be 1:1 and conversations like these will focus on how teachers are creating content rather than how to jump in!

This week I’d like to share some interesting Learning Management Systems.  As we have already jumped in to use Moodle, the most natural progression may be for us to determine how to continue to use Moodle for our 1:1 initiative.  Many districts are using Moodle.  However, many districts are using other resources—sometimes on their own and sometimes in combination with Moodle.  The good news is that many of these are free!  I’ve listed the top ones I’ve been hearing about below.  These are free (although advanced user interface or district enterprise licensing sometimes adds a fee) and you can create an account today to start exploring (most of them also have some type of overview video, too).  My Big Campus seems to be the biggest player in Indiana.  However, listening to some teachers from Chicago last week I learned about Schoology—and these teachers think it’s the latest and greatest providing analytics that “are just sick” (that made me feel old when they said that!).  According to them, Schoology is pulling ahead of Edmodo nationally in popularity…

Anyway—check it out.  Feel free to share these links with your colleagues.  I’m excited to continue exploration down this path as the potential is limitless—and VERY exciting!

We'd love to hear comments about your experiences, too!

Learning Management Systems (LMS)
My Big Campus:  http://www.mybigcampus.com/

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