Monday, February 13, 2012

Inspiring Students--Blues Project at BFMS

Happy Monday!  Sometimes it can be difficult to start the work week on a Monday morning.  What can be motivating to get up on Monday morning is to read about something inspirational--so why not here on my blog!

My new Monday installments will be about great educators working hard to inspire students--right here in Valparaiso.

Today's installment is about the Blues Project which will be put on in March (March 10th at VHS to be exact) by students from Ben Franklin Middle School in Valparaiso under the direction of Scott Cvelbar, 8th grade teacher at BFMS.  I had the opportunity to attend this for the first time in 2011--and it was a wonderful mix of student talent, local talent, and education (on top of it also being entertaining!).

So why am I thinking about this a month ahead of time?  Well, last week the 8th grade students at BFMS had the opportunity to hear from Fruteland Jackson (, a Blues Historian.  This was a beautiful tie into the curriculum the students have been studying and this Blues Project on which they've been working.  Students even had the opportunity to create their own Blues song...great fun!  It was wonderful to see student and teacher engagement high during Fruteland's presentation.

Especially moving was to watch Mr. Cvelbar as he listened to Fruteland speak and play.  It was clear to see the passion he has for Blues music, inspiring kids, and connected learning.  Thanks, Mr. Cvelbar, for inspiring the students of Valparaiso Community Schools.

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