Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Poverty and Learning

I've been in many classes over the years which have attempted to address the question of how socio-economic status impacts student learning.  Many debates have ensued over the idea of the "culture of poverty" and if one exists or does not exist.  As I love a good debate--I at times admit to taking positions I don't even hold just to stir the pot.  Many people hold many strong beliefs on this issue.

I've also taught in inner-city Kansas City, KS where I've been able to interact first hand with students and parents living in poverty.  Through these experiences I've had some real-life experience with this topic and it has shaped my beliefs on this topic.

My experiences in Kansas City taught me more than I could ever learn reading articles...but I have to admit I did appreciate this article from ASCD that I recently read.  Interesting thoughts/research...


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