Thursday, September 13, 2012

Great Websites for Students

Looking for some ideas for kids on computers?  Check out some of these that I've recently stumbled across--learning and fun can be a great combination!  This is by no means exhaustive--what great websites have your found?  Add your ideas in the comments section! (OK...this one is great for teachers--interesting ideas!) (Grades 3-8 Math) (Grades 3-8 Math) (Grades 5-12 Math) (Find games based on state or common core standard) (Grades 6-12--lots of interesting thinking games) (Grades 3-6 Science) (Grades 5-12--simulations, Civics related, pretty cool!) (Grades K-5, teacher created games, lots of games divided by grade level) (Has some interactive games for the whiteboard) (lots of games, kids can create their own games, too) (mainly for younger students--some games are not free) (NASA) (educational, interactive, and yes, some games!) (Music--from the San Francisco Symphony) (K-6 Collaborative book writing) (listen to books being read to you--by people like Betty White!) (great for emergent readers) (K-8 Math) (find lots of great facts) (creating graphs) (grades 3-8) (Vocab and Spelling) (Science)

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